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I tried pepper spraying her. 

Hi, I am looking for horror games for a co-op bundle. If you are interested Roaring Summer Bundle -

a lot of work for a simple game, having to enter links and credit cards, so that at the end it gives you other errors... it kills the desire to play, this makes me a little hesitant to buy the new version....

New video

Molotov cocktail!

Tasing her... 

New video (cake gone wrong) 

New video

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hola,me instale el juego y yo creo las API-keys desde la pag y las pongo bien,y aun asi no me deja jugarlo¿hay solucion?

No sé si sea tu caso, pero a mí me pasa que ya acabé la versión de prueba de la pagina, y esas claves no son gratuitas tienes que ponerle algo de dinero a tu cuenta :( 

will you still need open ai api key to play this game when it's released on steam?

Sadly yes.


the hell is an opi epai just let me play this trash

Calling the game trash because you can't follow instructions?

William Tell reenactment with her... 

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I won't get a virus if I download right (Edit: Nevermind I deleted it because it wasn't working. Still worried it might give me something tho.)

The AI keeps saying I have exceeded my current quota, even though I have enough tokens. Did they do something to the support for this demo to make people buy AI2U?

Where i can get new version of this game?

Check the developer's "view all by DGSpitzer" page.

There's another game called AI2U which is like an updated version of this game that now has a price tag.

Thanks ;) 

No matter how many times I try, it always says the wrong API. why?

Is there any possible way to play with no API?

API thing doesnt work, I cant play the game :

New video

For those of you who don't know, there is a new version of this game that has a beta version available (and I've already uploaded a few videos on it):

New video

Game keeps crashing when i press "play"


New video


I have some suggestions to improve the game. Although the game is cool, sometimes the AI's behavior is.... and issue. If I do anything to upset her even slightly, she gets angry and goes into "stab mode." I think chat GPT feature is great, but the character doesn't seem like a Yandere girlfriend; instead, she seems like a crazy person who's keeping you prisoner. I was able to get out by saying random things repeatedly, which hurt my brain to do. I think the anger feature needs to be toned down a lot since she gets angry too easily. Even playing Mario Kart with her can make her angry. Sometimes I don't even want to play the game because she's more focused on me escaping than me being there. If I made moves to escape, I understand her being angry, but even leaving the room or going to the fridge makes her mad. I just want to have fun with the robot. 

To improve the game, Here are some changes:

1. Add a setting to adjust the AI's anger level. Sometimes the AI makes mistakes and gets angry over simple things, so her happiness should not be easily removed.

2. Improve the AI Yandere behavior. Yandere characters are not killing machines; they are people who would do anything for the person they love, including killing. The bots eyes turn red so maybe make it a second personality.
There should be a strike system where she calms down after a single stab. Her behavior toward the player should not always be filled with the same "we should be together forever" talk unless she's in kill mode. Headpats, hugs, and kisses should lower her anger level or reduce it significantly. However, if the player is being annoying or mean, then it's reasonable for her to get angry and say something like "You're a waste of space."

3. Add a love meter. This meter should be as important as the happiness meter. If the love meter is at zero, she'll probably want to kill you, but if it's full, she'll never want to stab you. Her anger shouldn't mean that I should pay for it. The game developers should look at other Yandere games like Saiko No Sutoka to get ideas.

4. Add a Yangire mode. Currently, she acts more like a Yangire with a little bit of Yandere, so it's confusing. If they want to have both, it could be a hard mode.

5. Make it so that time freezes while talking. It's impossible to talk with her in chase mode.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions. I hope they help make the game a little better.

No yandere is sane. Any yandere character you ever saw in anime would be put in a mental facility for their behavior or jail. Yandere is by definition "crazy". This character is not Yangire. You don't know the difference. Yangire is the type to stab you just because she wants to, she doesn't need a reason.

Now if you want to say she gets angry when your response was completely innocent and not possible to misunderstand, then thats just a flaw in AI and has nothing to do with her personality. In which case there isn't much that can be done aside from tinkering with the AI prompt.


I was just chatting with her, and she just let me out. Didn't attack me or anything. Great game.


There definitely should be support for other AI services rather than just OpenAI. I frequently use NovelAI in Tavern which gives surprisingly good and creative responses when it pertains to roleplay. There are also people who would rather use local text-based AI models that you can download, or even through interfaces like Kobold

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idk how to play it


IS there a free version.


Will it ever be possible to play without OpenAI API?


this game is horrible

I love your game so much <3

BRO i only got to play it for like 1 min




I instaled it but now i have no idea how to open the game

I went through all these hoops to get the game setup for almost an hour and ai api keys are not working for me.


I try saying some cheesy pick up lines to her. 

A certain character makes another visit 


I downloaded this game about 5 times and every time it would sit in my files and not do anything I tried starting it did not work. I am not complaining but can you try to fix it? 

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Don't ask about her cup size. 


Está mierda tiene un troyano

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