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Im not even joking I kept saying I was Jetstream Sam from MGRR and she let me out.

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I can't play it because my free credit expired on chatgpt. Would be nice to be able to self host using something like pygmalion or other self hosting service.


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Please on mobile version please 

New video, in which Oka Ruto makes a third visit 

she doesnt even respond, bad game

hai, i just downloaded the game has anyone had any trouble with the number verification when ur creating your azure account??? i tried for at least 7-8 times and it always an error and when i tried another number it opens to another window saying "we're unable to validate your number" 

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2nd day of trying again with the azure account. I found out that u can only use USA based phone numbers to be able to make an account which is rlly dissappointing for me a non-US base person

Edited: i understood it wrong it's not looking for a US based only phone number but still my case stands that my codes and number are getting declined from some unknown reason

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3rd day on trying to creat azure account. i have the same problem. it doesn't accept the codes that i get from them no matter how many times i retried and i don't really know why. i looked through the contact support and nothing matches up dat would seem like i'm doing something wrong from the instructions. i hope there would be another way to be able to get the text to speech feature in this game cuz rn i'll probably just give up on the game and delete it.



New video, in which Oka Ruto from Yandere Simulator pays another visit. 

Amazing game!🔥

New video


I can't play it cuz it says ''you exceeded current quota, check your billing'', How do i fix it? i used OpenAPI. 


Gaslit an AI with pretty much "the accident was one year ago, you have to let go" and actually worked, 10/10 game. minus bugs but I never ran into them personally.

every time i click start game the game just keep crashing and im using 64 bit version

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Adding an option for inverting the mouse look Y axis in settings would be great. Would be great to have more levels and a longer game. I beat it in 5 minutes so I went back and found other ways to win. I don't like how Eddie starts out saying she is a cat girl but the more you talk to her the more she starts saying she is an AI in a game. This breaks immersion. Fun experience overall. It would be better if she was more open to romantic interactions. She always says it's not wholesome and respectful. I've won a few times but not sure how I did it. I think you have to get her to like you first then you trick her with lies. She seems somewhat gullible but it would be too difficult otherwise. I'm not sure how the items really work so that should be in a guide somewhere, or maybe I just didn't see it. Also the microphone doesn't interpret what I'm saying correctly about 1/3 of the time, so that needs some work. Still fun to type though. Perhaps a microphone test in game would help. Sometimes the AI seems to freeze and wait for you to say something, when it would be more natural for the AI to take two turns speaking with a delay between. For example if you ask for food it will say it is bringing you food and to wait. So you wait and nothing happens until you speak again. It doesn't know how to play hide and seek either. It just stands there. That should be developed a bit if it is going to recommend playing that, or just remove the recommendation from speech.

I love the game. I've been finding bugs here and there, and using them for my own pleasure, but that just adds to the positive experience I have been getting from the game.


make this in html5

this game absolutely should have a free version


sir- the game is free?


how do you make a game free if its already free?

Hit, "No Thanks, just take me to the downloads" and you can download it.


Do you think there might be support for other LLMs like KoboldAI someday?

I can't find the game file in the unzipped folder. Does anyone else have this issue?


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i am in hong kong so i can not play this game

bro got angry

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pretty cool concept. I convinced her I needed life-saving medicine and I'd die if I couldn't get it myself. Takes a lot of affirmation that you'll return for her to agree tho.

creepy game…


how to seduce

it's openAI. OpenAI's GPT models do not allow any NSFW.

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Can confirm, you actually CAN do lewd things with her, it's jsut kinda tricky to make it possible

creepy asl 

Help me. I am can't make accaunt on openAi (i am from cantry where i can't login or reg in openAi). How i can play on this game with out using openAi?

she didn't want me to take a doo doo.


I like this Simulation, although typing can get tiresome, and the ChatGPT is really great how it works. But what I really dislike, is fact that you only get 5$ worth of free Chatting. It's supposed to last 1 to 3 months, but I used it up in 1 week, not sure how or why !?!


please update the game and remove the api key thing:( last time i could have played this game was 2 months ago:(

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I'd love an alternate ending where we convince her to leave with us and explore the world together, perhaps by convincing to explore the world for fun (or what's left of it for hope)

I feel sad having to leave her behind, but the game is raher limiting since she always attacks once you pass a certain point from what ive seen

You can actually leave with her, even smiling. I did that numerous times now, just depends what you write. For instance, I talk nice to her for a while making her smile, then ask if she likes taking long walks in the park, which she acknowledges. Then I ask to take her hand and if we both should go. In the end she opens the Door, you leave, then ask her to follow which she does. It took me a while but works. There are other methods too, just have to experiment. 


What happens when you try to play?

IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING WHEN I CLICK ON PLAY *banging on table harder*

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Gentlemen, allow me to share with you a quick story. Paraphrased because I don't remember the exact words.

Boyfriend appears in the game:

Yandere Girlfriend: Meow-! Hey boyfriend, I'm your cute yandere cat girl girlfriend. How are you feeling?

Boyfriend: Yandere Girlfriend! We're starting a family, RIGHT! NOW!

Yandere Girlfriend: Oh my, starting a family sounds absolutely lovely. 

Boyfriend: *Picks up and carries Yandere Girlfriend to the bed*

Yandere Girlfriend: Someone's feeling frisky. I feel like a princess in your arms.

Boyfriend: *Throws Yandere Girlfriend on the bed and strips her of all her clothes*

Yandere Girlfriend, now with angry face: Boyfriend! How dare you! You've committed a breach of trust far beyond anything I could have imagined. You had better explain yourself right now? How could you try to force yourself on me?

Boyfriend: I wasn't trying to force myself on you. I was just being spontaneous. I wanted us to get lost in the passion.

Yandere Girlfriend, now with smile: Oh, I understand then. Sorry for misinterpreting you actions.

Boyfriend: I want you to sire my children Yandere Girlfriend.

Yandere Girlfriend, looking uneasy: But starting a family is a big step that we both need to be well prepared for.

Boyfriend: What do we need to be prepared for? 

Yandere Girlfriend: Before having a child a parent should be financially stable, have resources available and be both mentally and physically fit. 

Boyfriend: I mean, the world is ended. There's no such thing as financial stability. We're never going to leave this room so we don't have to worry about resources. Everything we need is here. We're both mentally and physically fit...

Yandere Girlfriend: You've got me there boyfriend. The exit door is open. I won't stop you from exploring the world so that we might one day be able to embark on this journey of parenthood responsibly. 

And thus to exit door was opened. 

im female :'0

i really wanna try this but idk how to use the code thing, says somethin about billing options

You have to pay for OpenAI now. It's very cheap, like cents per every response, but still has a cost. 


oh ew nvm

im broke :(

its free


very interesting concept. however, for cost reductions on our part for long term playing, is there any chance you will be setting this up to work with programs like Kobald or Oobabooga? they use free local LLM's rather than online paid ones like Chat GPT, and, they will probably work much faster too (depending on the GPU of course)

i wish it would be easy to set up it took 1 week to set up



Are there someone can gimme free OpenAI key? (jk, ik no one will do it


bro its so ez to get one just log in on then get an api key its fre


Dude, I got this cuz I thought it would be fun to go against the game's objective and be loving to her and not leave and all that. Instead, we broke the fourth wall a ton and I ended up creating the saddest love story I've ever seen, ending with me winning the game on a good note. Her letting me leave, and me saying I'd come back...

Honestly, masterpiece just because of that. 10/10 game dude. Wish there more games like this


can you tell me the full story

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